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What we can offer

  • Wix Pay

  • 3rd Party API integration

  • Wix database connections and setups

  • Custom Forms

  • Calculators

  • Dynamic Pages

  • HTML embeds

  • And so much more!

Some Wix Code Examples

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Your Expert

Wix Coder

Infuze Designs Ltd is your expert Wix Coder, we can help you integrate third party API'S into your Wix website using Wix Code. We can also help you with a huge range of custom features to ensure your Wix Website stands out.

Get In Touch
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Our Wix Coders have the Experience

With a vast range of experience in the team Infuze Designs is the Wix Coder you need for your project. We can implement MLS, Third Party API's, Custom Forms, Custom Calculators and more.


If you think its not possible then give our Wix Coders a call, they will be sure to change your mind. Infuze Designs are officially Wix Corvid Certified and are part of a very select few selected by Wix as Wix Corvid Masters.

The Wix Code Experts at Infuze Designs can help you integrate Wix Pay into your site for a safe, secure and PCI compliant payment gateway by using Wix Code (Wix Corvid)

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Our Wix Coders can build you an online calculator to do whatever your heart desires. From calculating the users input into a complex multi-page instant quote we have the skills you need.

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Google Calendars, Google Autocomplete, Weather Forecasts, Stripe, PayPal and even pictures from mars are just a few of the huge range of API connections our coders can make.

Ready to Infuze?

Get in touch with our website design and/or our Wix Corvid specialist team today and launch your new website.

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