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Simple One-step Calculator

This is a simple calculator to show how we can use Wix Corid and Wix Code to integrate a calculator into your Wix Website.

An examples where this may be used is in conjuction with Wix Pay to accept a payment of an item to a certain value with a user entered Qty.

Multi-Step Calculator

If your needing something more custom and advanced than the single payment structure then Infuze Designs can integrate you a multi-step form. Check out the way we use logic to calculate your end result. For this example to show the Wix Code Custom Calculator features we have used a made up flooring company to calculate the cost of installing flooring. This could be adapted to suit any business's need for a custom instant online quote in Wix.

Step 1 - Select a Flooring Type

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Wix Code


If you need an online instant Wix calculator then Infuze Designs are the team for you. 

From basic field calculations to advanced multi step dynamic calculator we have the skills and expertise to develop what you require.


We develop and design our calculators to work on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile so your users can get the best multi device experience possible.

Ready to Infuze?

Get in touch with our website design and/or our Wix Corvid specialist team today and launch your new website.


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