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Google Auto-complete

Are you needing a google Auto-complete integration into your site? Infuze Designs are the company for you, we have integrated google auto-complete into your Wix website using Wix Code (Wix Corvid) and googles rest API's to allow your users to have a auto completed address. Want to go one step above? why not utilise google Places Details to return the Lat and Long of the address and apply it to a google map.

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Like photos of mars?

Something with not as much "real-life" use but just another way we can show you that when it comes to Wix Code and Wix Corvid our experts really can implement just about anything. Select yourself a rover and see some photos of Mars.

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Try Another  Camera.

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Image by NASA
Image by Safar Safarov

3rd Party

API Connections

Do you need a 3rd party API integration into your Wix site?

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We can integration API's like Google Maps, Google Autocomplete, Google Calendar, Cliniko, Currency Converters and more. Infuze Designs have the expertise and Wix Corvid experts on hand to ensure we can develop the integration of your dreams.

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Get in touch with our website design and/or our Wix Corvid specialist team today and launch your new website.

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