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About Infuze Designs

Infuze Designs is the culmination of two website design and development professionals, who are experts in their fields. Scott Purslowe (a website code expert) and Leighton Splatt (an expert website designer) first met when Scott was assisting Leighton to integrate Google Autocomplete into a custom built Form.

They soon realised there was potential to combine forces to ensure a seamless digital Umbrella for their huge combined customer base. 

They have since completed a large number of projects together including: custom built integrations, custom built sites using Wix Corvid, differing design projects to make them unique and assisted customers with their SEO efforts. 

Throughout 2020/21 we plan to increase our global coverage and continue to expand our entities in Australia and in the UK so we can provide a complete 24/7 Support team for customers around the globe. 

Our Mission

To create a high end, professional online presence for our global customers. To provide 100% customer satisfaction, to achieve your marketing goals and to help you grow your business to an unimaginable level of success. We will find solutions to your Website Development roadblocks and we will make them happen.

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About Us

This is the story of two experts and what happens when they Infuze.

Ready to Infuze?

Get in touch with our website design and/or our Wix Corvid specialist team today and launch your new website.



Absolute honesty in all our dealings. We will be honest with ourselves and you at all times, in words and deeds.



We will take responsibility for all our actions by putting your needs first with transparency and openness.



We will deliver on our promises as if they were our own. We know that dedication to your success will guarantee ours.

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